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Legal Admin Specialist (Water Rights)


U.S. Department of the Interior

Prineville, OR, US

9 days ago
associates degree

Job Description


Help Help Duties This is a Full Performance Legal Administrative Specialist (Water Rights) position assigned to the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Oregon/Washington State Office. The Incumbent will serve as the expert for the District, providing essential technical assistance on water rights to ensure the effective management and utilization of water resources within the jurisdiction. The role encompasses a broad range of responsibilities including the acquisition, modification, and maintenance of BLM water rights in Oregon and Washington. The Incumbent is the principal staff specialist and expert advisor to the Oregon/Washington State Management Teams on all matters related to water rights. With extensive training and experience in water rights management and policy, the Incumbent will navigate the complexities of water law to support land management decisions that align with BLM's mission and regulatory requirements. The Incumbent Will • Provide technical and legal guidance on water rights issues to inform land management planning and decision-making processes. • Process and facilitate the acquisition, modification, and maintenance of water rights, ensuring compliance with state and federal laws. • Conduct comprehensive assessments of water rights portfolios to identify opportunities for enhancing water resource management within BLM lands. • Develop and implement strategies for the protection and sustainable use of water resources, in collaboration with federal, state, and local agencies, tribal governments, and other stakeholders. • Coordinate with legal and policy teams to navigate water rights adjudication processes, water rights transfers, and other legal proceedings affecting BLM water resources. • Monitor and report on legislative and regulatory developments related to water rights and resource management. • Prepare technical reports, briefing materials, and recommendations on water rights management for senior BLM officials and external stakeholders. • Represent the BLM in negotiations, public meetings, and forums related to water rights and resource management. The Incumbent will manage all aspects of water rights projects from initiation and maintenance to completion, interpreting directives from BLM Headquarters and applying standards to ensure that all actions are compliant with the Federal Land Policy and Management Act (FLPMA), state water laws, and other relevant authorities. This role requires a high level of coordination and collaboration with multiple stakeholders to achieve balanced and sustainable water resource management outcomes. Help Help Requirements Conditions of Employment • U.S. Citizenship required. • May be required to complete background investigation. • Meet Selective Service Registration Act requirement for males. • Must provide resume and supporting documents (See required documents) prior to the closing date of this announcement. • You cannot hold an active real estate license, nor can you have an interest or hold stocks in firms with interest in Federal Lands. • If you are a new employee or supervisor in the Federal government, you will be required to complete a one-year probationary period. • Selectee will be required to participate in the Direct Deposit Electronics Funds Transfer Program. • Status applicants must meet time-in-grade requirements. • You may be required to occasionally travel overnight away from home. You must be eligible to obtain a government charge card for travel purposes. • Please follow all instructions carefully; errors or omissions may affect your rating. Qualifications In order to qualify, you must meet the experience and/or education requirements described below. Your resume must clearly describe your relevant experience. If qualifying based on education, a copy of your unofficial transcripts must be provided with your application. MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: To be considered minimally qualified for this position, you must demonstrate that you have the required specialized experience and/or education for the respective grade level in which you are applying. • Specialized Experience: Applicants must have one full year of specialized experience comparable in scope and responsibility to the GS-11 grade level in the Federal service (obtained either in the private or public sectors) performing the 3 of the following: (1) providing technical guidance on water use inventories and water rights applications, adjudications, and hearings; (2) advising and mentoring others in the acquisition, protection, and management of water rights; (3) developing plans for water rights projects including estimates of personnel, equipment, materials, and schedules necessary to carry out plans; (4) maintaining the water use inventory and responding to requests for special reports and data exchanges regarding water rights management; and (5) tracking, coordinating, and responding to information requests from the State water regulatory agency. Status merit promotion applicants must meet applicable time-in-grade requirements to be considered eligible. One year at the GS-11 is required to meet the time-in-grade requirements for the GS-12 level. (Must submit your SF-50 that shows Time-in-Grade eligibility and reflects your title, series, and grade. No award SF-50 will be accepted). Applicants must meet all qualifications and eligibility requirements by the closing date of the announcement. IN DESCRIBING YOUR EXPERIENCE, PLEASE BE CLEAR AND SPECIFIC. WE MAY NOT MAKE ASSUMPTIONS REGARDING YOUR EXPERIENCE. If your resume does not support your questionnaire answers, we will not allow credit for your response(s). Volunteer Experience: Experience refers to paid and unpaid experience, including volunteer work done through National Service programs (e.g., Peace Corps, AmeriCorps) and other organizations (e.g., professional; philanthropic; religious; spiritual; community, student, social). Volunteer work helps build critical competencies, knowledge, and skills and can provide valuable training and experience that translates directly to paid employment. You will receive credit for all qualifying experience, including volunteer experience. You must include months, years and hours per week worked to receive credit for your work and/or volunteer experience. One year of specialized experience is equivalent to 12 months at 40 hours per week. Part-time hours are prorated. You will not receive any credit for experience that does not indicate exact hours per week or is listed as "varies". A review of your resume and supporting documentation will be made and compared against your responses to the Occupational Questionnaire to determine if you are qualified for this job. If your resume is incomplete or does not support the responses provided in the Occupational Questionnaire, or if you fail to submit all required documentation, you will be rated 'ineligible', 'not qualified', or your score may be adjusted accordingly. If a determination is made that you have inflated your qualifications or experience, you may lose consideration for this position. You will be evaluated based on how well you meet the qualifications listed in this vacancy announcement. Your qualifications will be evaluated based on your application materials (e.g., resume, supporting documents), the responses you provide on the application questionnaire, and the result of the additional assessments required for this position. Education There is no substitution of education for experience at the grade level(s) of this announcement. Additional information • Any individual who is currently holding, or has held within the previous 52 weeks, a General Schedule position under non-temporary appointment in the competitive or excepted service, must meet time-in-grade requirements (must have served 52 weeks at the next lower grade or equivalent in the Federal service). Time-in-grade requirements must be met by the closing date of this announcement. • You may be required to travel overnight away from home occasionally per month. You must be eligible to obtain a government charge card for travel purposes. Physical Demands: The work involves 25 percent or less outside work. Outside work demands climbing, bending, and hiking often over rough, uneven surfaces or mountainous terrain and sometimes in extreme weather conditions. Duties could include wading and operation of watercraft on streams, rivers, creeks, and lakes sometimes at or near flood stage. Motor vehicle operation may occur under various severe winter weather and road conditions and at various times of the night. Working Conditions: The job involves a combination of office and fieldwork with occasional travel. Fieldwork is performed over a wide range of conditions varying from river and creek channels to rugged, steep mountainous terrain. In general, fieldwork may be required throughout the year. It may be necessary to conduct some studies in winter months. There is regular and recurring exposure to moderate risks and discomforts such as very low or very high temperatures, adverse weather conditions, and similar situations. Telework: The Bureau of Land Management has determined that the duties of this position are suitable for telework and the selectee may be allowed to telework with supervisor approval. Interagency Career Transition Assistance Program (ICTAP) or Career Transition Assistance Program (CTAP): For information on how to apply as an ICTAP or CTAP eligible see To be well-qualified and exercise selection priority for this vacancy, displaced Federal employees must be rated at 90 or above on the rating criteria for this position. This position is offering a Relocation/Recruitment Incentive, of 25% of the annual salary. To be eligible for a Relocation Incentive, you must be a current Federal Employee employed with the Federal Government and be willing to work directly from the BLM OR/WA office in Prineville, Oregon location (not remote). The selectee's current duty location must be more than 50 miles from the duty location of this position. To be eligible for a Recruitment Incentive, selectee must not be employed by the Federal Government If you are unable to apply online or need to fax a document you do not have in electronic form, please contact San Antonio Services Branch at or 816-541-8101. Read more • Help Help A career with the U.S. government provides employees with a comprehensive benefits package. As a federal employee, you and your family will have access to a range of benefits that are designed to make your federal career very rewarding. Opens in a new windowLearn more about federal benefits. Review our benefits Eligibility for benefits depends on the type of position you hold and whether your position is full-time, part-time or intermittent. Contact the hiring agency for more information on the specific benefits offered. How You Will Be Evaluated You will be evaluated for this job based on how well you meet the qualifications above. In order to be considered for this position, you must complete all required steps in the process. In addition to the application and application questionnaire, this position requires successful completion of additional assessments, including a subject matter resume review and/or a panel interview. These assessments measure the critical competencies listed below that are required to successfully perform the job. You Will Be Evaluated On The Following Competencies • Administration and Management • Administrative Law • Influencing/Negotiating • Oral Communication • Technical Documentation Candidates Not Eligible To Apply Under Merit Promotion Will Be Rated And Ranked Using Category Rating Procedures. These Procedures Place Candidates With Veteran's Preference Above Non-preference Eligibles Within Each Category. Veterans With a Service Connected Disability Of At Least 10 Percent Are Listed In The Highest Quality Category, Except When The Position Being Filled Is Scientific Or Professional At The GS-09 Grade Level Or Higher. Under Category Rating, Candidates Will Be Rated And Ranked Into One Of Three Categories • Best Qualified - applicants possessing experience that substantially exceeds the minimum qualifications of the position including all selective factors and are highly proficient in all requirements of the job and can perform effectively in the position • Well Qualified - applicants possessing experience that exceeds the minimum qualifications of the position including all selective factors and are proficient in most of the requirements of the job • Qualified - applicants possessing experience that meets the minimum qualifications of the position including all selective factors and are proficient in some, but not all of the requirements of the job. Candidates who apply under Competitive Merit Promotion procedures will undergo a quality review to determine if they are highly qualified based on the content of their resume and their responses to the questionnaire. Best qualified candidates will be referred if all required supporting documentation has been provided. Candidates who apply under Non-Competitive Merit Promotion procedures will undergo a quality review to determine if they are minimally qualified based on the content of their resume and their responses to the questionnaire. Qualified candidates will be referred if all required supporting documentation has been provided. Performance Appraisals for Competitive and Non-Competitive Merit Promotion Applicants: In the evaluation process, due weight will be given to job related experience, education, training, incentive awards and performance appraisals. Applicants must submit a performance appraisal with a performance rating of at least the equivalent of fully successful to be eligible for promotion or placement. Applicants may provide a copy of a performance appraisal of record dated within the last 18 months. If the applicant is unable to provide a performance appraisal of record dated within the last 18 months, the applicant may provide a written explanation as to why. Recruitment incentive awards: Applicants that have received recruitment incentive awards during the last two years, must list them on their resume.